How to use the <executeCommand> tag ?

[EDIT] So basically, after a long night of sleep and some good idea (?), I finally succeed …

It’s just that I didn’t split the arguments and options enough … !

Maybe it could be nice if the example on the website was a little more explicit about the :slight_smile:

Hello all,

So, basically, I’m trying to run some jar and other files from my xml file…

To test, I start with a basic 

  1. <span, but there is nothing on my file ..

    Can you give me more information ?

    The final goal is to use those tag to execute a jar file, and some bash file. So I would like to understand how is it working really! 

    Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

    Sorry for my english, I’m a french trainee, I’m trying to do my best right now !