How use liquibase in a CICD pipeline to move changes from dev to prod

Hello team. I hope someone could help me with this flow doubt:

Scenario is simple:

We have a database in three envs: dev, test, prod.
Same situation in SCM ( github ): three branches… dev, test, prod.

We want to keep the three envs in sync: the change first happens in dev… all good? the it moves to test ( by a cicd tooling like jenkins or tekton, etc )… once it was tested… then it moves to prod.

the question: how can I validate during the implementation of the change in test env that the change was actually IMPLEMENTED in dev env?
same thing for prod: how can I validate during the implementation in prod that the change was executed in test?

we have some ideas ( validating the lower env changelog table and using the tags or the md5sum to check, before execute in the current env )… but, we hope to collect some experience from the general team.

thanks a lot in advance and best regards to all