Howto set/override changeset description

I just wrote my first extension and now want it to generate a bit more than my tag name in the description field of the databasechangelog.

Looking through the AbstractChange class my first thought was to override 
createChangeMetaData( ) to make the metadata contain some parameter information but that failed because this method runs before by extensions is fully registered.

I then tried overriding setChangeSet but that caused problems because ChangeSet does not have a setDescription method.

What is the “correct” way for a Change to place more detail in the changeset description? 

The easiest way is to use the @DatabaseChange annotation on your class. If you extend AbstractChange, the superclass will build up the description from the information in the annotation, including the “description” attribute.


I understand @DatabaseChange when I run my tag the contents of wind up in the database changelog description.  What I want to do is place the change name and the value on 1 or 2 changeset parameters that were fed into my change.