Ignore SQL files which don't have the formatted SQL header?


I’ve just started working with liquibase for an existing project and am trying to integrate it into our existing processes

We have a number of existing SQL files that have never been managed by liquibase and thus do not have the formatted SQL header in the file (–liquibase formatted sql)

I want liquibase to ignore all .sql files that don’t have the header in them, is this possible with includeAll? or do i need to have very specific include statements

I don’t think that is possible. The entire .sql will end up being treated as a single changeset, with RAW:Includeall being used for Author and ID.

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for that, that meshes with what im seeing in the output

Hadn’t come across any flags/params in the docs for this yet so I’ll just have to be a bit more careful in doing my initial setup

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