implicit sequence problem in postgresql data base


when this changeSet executed , the implicit sequence was generated on the table message_sent column bssentmsgid.

After generate changeLog performed ,all tables,indexes,constraints and sequences will be generarted in a single xml file.afte that if i execute lb_install.bat on empty schema,sequence already exists errot coming. i am trying to drop the implicit sequence ,but it’s giving error like can’t drop implicit sequences,drop table is recommended.if i drop the table i lost it’s content. to resolve this problem?
i am using postgresql data base.

We try to tell implicit sequences apart from standard sequences, but it is sometimes difficult to tell from the metadata. What you will probably need to do is modify the generated xml before applying it to your database. 

The purpose of generateChangeLog is to help get you a starting changelog. It may not be exactly right, but it is still helpful and meant to be checked/edited.

Once you have a starting changelog, the normal liquibase usage is to manually append to the changelog as you develop, not to rely on the diff tool.