Improving Snowflake Documentation

I’m new to Liquibase and Snowflake. My co-worker pointed me to the Jira documentation so assumed that 2.0 was the latest version specifically since the previous version was from 2017. I spent a few hours trying to follow the Sample projects I found to get Snowflake working. I only stumbled your official Snowflake tutorial after all this effort.

I’d suggest that on your Jira page you include a link to your official tutorial and all reference that current releases of the are on the Github Releases page for liquibase/liquibase-snowflake. (Sorry can’t include another link since this is my first post.)

Hi @scottinsurance, so glad you pinged again. Looks like the system flagged this account as spam. So, I just now saw this.

This is a great suggestion and you have my sincere thanks for not giving up on contacting me!
You can also @ mention me if I don’t respond fast enough for ya’ on our discord channel:

Welcome to the Liquibase community! If you have snowflake and liquibase questions let us know. I have been messing with dockerized containers as well to get it all local.


Thanks. Will do… from my phone since. Big corp blocks discord.

Thanks for trying out the extension. I’ve updated the Jira page to include a link to the docs.


@Bruce thanks for chiming in! Really appreciate the help. @scottinsurance, how’s that look?

Thanks @Bruce I’d suggest including a link to the Snowflake extensions releases page as well. Very thankful you guys are increase the support for Snowflake.

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Jira page updated to include link to official releases page.

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