includeAll failing in multiple ways

Good morning all. We are just getting started with Liquibase and are following the convention documented here. (I like that model, though it does seem to directly contradict the directive on the documentation page for includeAll which says not to use it that way. Kind of confusing.)

I’m having two issues following those instructions. First, it seems that the filter attribute no longer works. If I add a filter="sql" attribute, the run fails with:

liquibase.exception.SetupException: sql

But if I remove the filter, I get an infinite loop and eventually a stack overflow failure. In the logs, I can see that this is repeated over and over:

08:47:46.674 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./
08:47:46.674 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./master_changelog.xml
08:47:46.678 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./20200812233754_generate_schemas.sql
08:47:46.679 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./20200813001254_create_control_tables.sql
08:47:46.679 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./20200813001704_create_log_tables.sql
08:47:46.679 INFO  [liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog]: Reading resource: ./20200813145907_create_log_stored_procedures.sql

At this point I am just going to switch to the include tag, but can anyone tell me if includeAll is still supported?


I have tried liquibase 3.8.8 and 4.0.0. Only in version 4.0.0 I got it to work.

Changelog file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<databaseChangeLog xmlns="" xmlns:ext="" xmlns:pro="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <includeAll  path="2020\07\" relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>
    <includeAll  path="2020\08\" relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>

Example file “2020\08\20200811_0010_cft.sql”

--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset cft:change1-1 labels:ABAP
CREATE SEQUENCE afbeelding_seq START WITH 1 MAXVALUE 9999999999999999999999999999;

--changeset cft:change1-2
CREATE TABLE afbeelding (