Index diff ignores desc attribute on cockroachdb index

I am using liquibase with the following flags to generate a listing for any index variations in a cockroachdb. (Snapshots taken before and then after an upgrade). The diff is generating drop and create statements for an index which is correct in the database, but liquibase appears to ignore the ‘DESC’ flag on one of the index columns, so the generated code produced is wrong.

Liquibase is version 3.8.0
Cockroachdb is version 20.1

…/liquibase --diffTypes=indexes

Please advise if cockroach indexes which have DESC column attributes are supported?

Hi @EricClarke ,

Sorry you are having issues with producing a diff using liquibase and cockroach.

For the above question, I would defer to @r2liquibase whose worked with cockroachdb or the product team (@Pete & @mariochampion ). Regardless if is or is not supported, you can also log an issue if this is valid operation for cockroach that is not being supported by liquibase.

Hi @EricClarke ! Are you having the issue with the latest release of Liquibase? I see that you are using 3.8.0 and 4.2.2 is released.

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Hi @r2liquibase ,
Thank you for the reply.
This is a work installation and so I will need to request the later version is downloaded for me. (Locked down unfortunately.)
I will let you know how I get on with that version.