Infomix create table primary key


i have a problem with the create table statement when with a primary key.

There is a condition so that the primary key can’t be created:

line 111

  1. I've logged in to jira but i can't find the button to create a new ticket...

The comment was left from when I was splitting up code, apparently.

What is the changeSet you are having a problem with?

The “Create Issue” button seems to be showing on the top toolbar in jira. Possibly a temporary jira bug?



isSinglePrimaryKeyColumn  if clause. The last one can be removed…I think so.

I don’t have a create issue button. I’ve registered yesterday.

Thanks. I created to track the bug fix.

What is your jira username? I’ll look into why you don’t see the create button.


Your user was not a part of any permission groups. Not sure why not, but I added you to the correct group. You should be able to create issues now.


Now i can see the the create issue button but after click I got the message that I don’t have the permission to create new issues.

I think the jira permissions are fixed up. Atlassian seemed to do something strange with them the last couple days.


My jira name is meleagros