Informix DATETIME collength Exception

I encounter an Database Exception whenever run the liquibase.update() method for an informix Database.
The errorMessage reads
“Encountered unknown firstQualifier code (1) for column ‘master.databasechangelog.dateexecuted’, basic date type ‘DATETIME’, while trying to decipher information encoded in the column length (25)”.

In the method ColumnSnapshotGeneratorInformix.readDataType() the colLength variable is allocated with the column-size of that column, which is wrong in my opinion.
The collength value, which is documented here is kept in the informix system-table syscolumns.collength.

In my case the value for collength would therefore be 4879 and not 25.

I am working with liquibase version 4.1.0 and informix version 11.5.

Hi @oriba88! Thanks for posting on your issue using Liquibase with Informix. I have had issues in the past, this seems like it is a bug, would you be willing to log it as an issue? Perhaps interested in writing a PR for our Hacktoberfest?

To post issues:

If you decide you want to open a PR and just fix the issue, that’s cool too :slight_smile: