insert with default values

No, there is no problem with the sql tag itself.
The Problem is that the database schema and some initial config data will be rolled out on different database systems.
But MySQL for example does not understand ‘default values’, in this case it must be ‘insert into foobar (id) values (null)’ instead.
I resolved this issue now by using a placeholder for that part of the sql string.
My solution looks right now like this:


insert into foobar ${default-values}

It works this way, but it looks a bit ugly. It would be much nicer, if i could just write


and liquibase would transform it into the proper sql statement depending on the current dbms.

Maybe that feature could come in a future version?

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is there an equivalent to the following sql statement:

insert into foobar default values

I want to add a new row to a table which has only one column that is an autogenerated ID column (an identity column). So i do not want to specify any values.
Unfortunately does not work, because it says that there is at least one column tag necessary.

The only solution i found is using plain sql within an sql tag:
insert into foobar default values
Is there another way?

I think the general fallback for some of these types of problems is to use the option.  Is there an issue with using the tag?