Inserting data into SQL Server tables

I’m trying to use the SQL Server extension, but can’t seem to find any examples of it’s use - specifically how to add the jar to the classpath if using the command line.   Thanks for any help.

Though I have a very Oracle background, I manage to run LiquiBase on an M$SQL server with these settings in my

  1. driver:
  2. classpath: C:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0/sqljdbc_3.0/enu/sqljdbc4.jar
  3. url: jdbc:sqlserver://dbserver:1433;DatabaseName=my_db
  4. username: my_user
  5. password: my_pass
Notice the use of <span.

Open up port 1433 in the firewall if you are not running locally.

If you are using the command line, use the --classpath parameter to point to the jar files for your JDBC driver and the sqlserver extension jar file. On windows, use ; to separate them. For example, --classpath=“sqlutils.jar;liquibase-sqlserver-1.0.jar”