Integration tests

I tend to run the tests individually and directly from my IDE (run->test in intellij). 

I usually start with H2DatabaseIntegrationTest because that does not require any external database configuration or setup, and is significantly faster than other in memory databases even. When I want to run all tests, I will run all tests in the integration test package.

Having integration tests executable with little setup has proven to be difficult because of the reliance on testing all the way through the database. Having others get them working on their systems, however, will be very helpful since it will streamline the process.

Does it work for you to run the integration tests manually from your IDE?


Running them from the IDE is not a problem for me.  I now see that the
database connection information is in the constructor for various
database specific test cases.

I see that you have a file
which allow for the host name to be set.  I think that it would be
helpful to expand the use of this properties file to specify the url,
username, and password for each of the database types (with the
default values in  It would
also be helpful to add a setting for each database type to skip those
tests from executing (like if you don’t have a SQL server instance to
test with).

With just a few minor changes and a README, almost anyone can copy the
default properties, modify for their env, and run the tests in their
env without having to make any code changes.  If this seems reasonable
to you, I will make the changes and send a pull request.

Could someone post some information about how to configure and run the integration tests?  They are not being run from maven and the any build scripts can not find some files on the classpath such as net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml and

Yes, that definitely sounds reasonable. Do what you think will make it more approachable. I’ve worked with the code long enough I’m not the best judge of what is obvious and what is not :slight_smile:


I created an issue for this change.  I should be able to get it completed in the next week or so.