is it possible to insert html tag inside <sql> ?


I have a problem with liquibase 1.9.3 (with grails) … it apparently displaying error  when i did migration ( i have no idea the error code … because liquibase just throws long stack error exception which is unreadable for me … too fast and i am not able to capture the error )

i did an update to my table like this

            select count(*) from asset_type where asset_name = ‘Car’
        Update Car
        update asset_type set asset_name =“Car <br>(which are owned outright)” where asset_name=“Car”
look at the inside the string i put
… it wont update with liquibase. but when i remove
it worked !!!

so is this bug ?

It is because the XML parser is assuming that the
tag is changelog markup just like the tags.  You’ll have to use the cdata XML construct like this: