Is it possible to read a file from a liquibase script?

Sometimes we need input from customers to convert their data. We would like to deliver a file that customers can modify and can be as input for our conversion. Is there a way to do this in Liquibase? If yes, where can I find on how to do this. If no, is there another way to have variable input for our LB-script?

Note: we are using an Oracle DB.

Probably you want this:

I see.  Probably, then, you want this:



Thanks for your reply.

This is not quite what I meant (although it is very usefull to know about this possibility too). Maybe an example will help:

I recently made a conversion script which created new records under specific conditions (the script updates existing records in most cases). These new records will get a prefix on their code. If I want for customers to choose their own code prefix, I would like for them to be able to give the input before installing the release containing this LB-script. And I don’t want them to change the LB-script themselves. How will I be able to get this kind of input?