Is md5sum calculation affected by file date?

EDIT: Disregard this question. The change of md5sum was caused by a dev altering update files in the wreng places.


I have trouble getting the md5sum working correctly. We have several branches and for each branch we bring aong the old liquibase files and add a new for db-changes in the new branch.

The problem is that when I run the db-upgrade it bails out when verifiing the md5sums. The only difference I have been able find is the the updated date on files. For som reason perforce sets that date.

From reading around on the forums and taking a quick look in the source it seems that the md5sum only should be calculated from the contents in every changeset. For some reason that doesn’t work for me.

Clearing the md5sums before upgrading works around the problem but doesn’t really seem like the best way to go… :wink:

Thanks for creating a great product!