Is payable DB instance in docker container (PRO version)?

We have a PRO license ($33/month/target).
If we run tests with stored logic on the docker container and right after the test shutdown one, would this DB instance be payable for us or not?
For example we have the next flow:
DEV (Docker container) → QA (RDS) → PROD (RDS)
How many payable “targets” do we have 2 or 3?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @roman.sviastyn Thanks for joining the community.
If you are running Liquibase against that docker container it would be considered a target, whether that is using diffChangeLog, generateChangeLog, etc. If you are not using Liquibase against that dev container, it would not be considered a target.

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In the container I wanted to run some build and test phases over the database to avoid issues in further environments.