Is the Gradle plug-in advised?

As I’m new to Liquibase, it might be my ignorance, but I wonder whether the Liquibase plug-in is being advised. I have a hard time making it work for me. I would like to generate a change log based on an existing database schema and a set of Spring/Hibernate classes. I came past many unclear error messages, but now I’m stuck on this:


Thank you Steve!

As I guessed so too, I posted it there yesterday. I didn’t ask the advise question there, as S.O. doesn’t like opinion questions. The underwhelming response answers that question anyway.



. That works like a charm.

I am not sure of the state of the gradle plugin - but you may get better response to this question on Stack Overflow than in this forum. It has been my experience that there are more people answering questions on S.O. than here.

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