Is there a way to register ChangeExecListener like an extension so I can use it from the command line tools?

I submitted a PR for this functionality

I want to be able to rewrite some ID PK (and corresponding FK) fields based on sequence values in the target database and the way that seems to make most sense is by using a ChangeExecListener.

I have exported a bunch of inserts into a change log and need to load them into a new database where the existing ID fields (provided by an oracle sequence) will collide with records already in the target db.

I need to also pass in a configuration file to the update tool which will be read by the ChangeExecListener. I imagine I can get that into the runtime via properties passed on the command line and use the GlobalConfiguration singleton to access it from the ChangeExecListener.

But I don’t want to have to code my own call to do the update, I just want the listener registered.

If it’s not there, would a PR with such a feature be accepted