Issue with Sybase 15.0.3 and Liquibase RC-2(build 143)

Issue with Sybase 15.0.3 and Liquibase RC-2(build 143)
I tried to generate changelog from exising sybase 15.0.3 database. But it is failing with following issues.

  1. It is getting the database product name as “Adaptive Server Enterprise”. But it is not matching when try to get the correct database.
      public boolean isCorrectDatabaseImplementation(DatabaseConnection conn) throws DatabaseException {
              String dbProductName = conn.getDatabaseProductName();
                      “Sybase SQL Server”.equals(dbProductName)
                      || “sql server”.equals(dbProductName)
                      || “ASE”.equals(dbProductName);
  2. I have tried adding my custom database and override the isCorrectDatabaseImplementation. After that is is failing with a error " INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS not found"

I think sybase is not having this  INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS

Could you please suggest what is wrong here?

There has been some fixes contributed for ASE 15, they may be post RC1.  Could you get the latest build from and let me know how if it works?