Issues with changelog and changeloglock tables while using different users using liquibase

We have a database in redshift , and we are deploying our sql scripts using liquibase. We are using multiple users to deploy the changes. Example User1 and User2.
Commands looks like below:
liquibase --url=jdbc:redshift://host --username=User1 --password=User1password --changeLogFile=chanhelogsql.xml update(this is for user1)
liquibase --url=jdbc:redshift://host --username=User2 --password=User2password --changeLogFile=chanhelogsql.xml update(this is for User2)
Both users have same permission on the database.
Our first deployment with user1 is working fine. But when we try to deploy using user2 we are getting below error
liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Error executing SQL SELECT COUNT(*) FROM public.databasechangeloglock: Error: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block.
What would be the ideal solution for this problem? We cannot use multiple users while making changes on a database using liquibase are am I missing something here. Thanks

We came across a similar issue working with Redshift user. The solution worked for them, but not sure if it can work in the similar way for you.

Liquibase tries to run changesets in a transaction, redshift console must be running in non-transactional mode and It looks like the database doesn’t allow particular statements to be run as part of a transaction. Could you please try to add runInTransaction="false" to the changeset?