Liquibase creating datachangeloglock multiple times in databricks catalog table

Tried status and update but fails due to database change loglock table created multiple times. is this the issue with new release ?

It has both the tables created under the catalog and schema

What version of Liquibase, the Databricks extension, and the Databricks jdbc driver are you using?

I have tried with Liquibase 4.25.1 and 4.25.0 and Databricks jdbc driver version 2.6.36.

the liquibase databricks connection version JAR file is 1.1.2

I am using Liquibase 4.25.0, jdbc 2.6.32, and extension 1.0.1. I am unable to get 1.1.2 to work succesfully. I have an issue open on Github.

Hi @ashok.venkat, did you find a solution for this issue? I am facing the same issue with the same configuration. Thanks!