Liquibase Customize DatabaseChangeLog Insert query to work with Azure Synapse

Hi Everyone,

I have an Azure Synapse instance. When I try to use liquibase with this, I get the following error:
Unable to update the DATABASECHANGELOG table in liquibase for Azure Synapse SQL Dedicated Pool. It is showing error as “Insert values statement can contain only constant literal values or variable references”.

When I look at the logs, I can see one insert query for DatabaseChangeLog which use GetDate() function to insert date. It seems Azure Synapse doesn’t support the use of functions for insert.

So, is it possible to somehow customize this insert query so that it can work it Azure Synapse.

Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks

Hi @shubhamgoel4aug,

In order to get this working correctly, you’d need to add Synapse support to Liquibase.

You can read about adding support for additional databases here → Overview -