Liquibase diff get only procedure name for better readability

with the diff option of Liquibase, is it possible to display only the name of the procedures which are different (without the sql code) in the output file for better readability ?

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Christophe G.

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I checked the documentation for diff in Liquibase, and about 3/4 of the way down the page, it shows that Procedure is one of the categories available in Liquibase Community. If I’m reading it correctly, you would need to enter this command, but please let us know how it works for you.

 liquibase --diffTypes=procedures diff

For reference, here is the documentation: diff | Liquibase Docs

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Thanks Tabby for your answer but it’s not exactly my problem.
I try to explain with other words with my poor english.
If you don’t specify diffTypes in your, Liquibase compare all objects (tables, functions, procedures,…), and it’s OK for me.
My problem is in the output file “output.txt”
Under “Changed Stored Procedure(s)”, i would like only the name of the procedure which are different (without SQL Code).
I give you a screenshot to explain my problem.

Many thanks

I don’t believe that this is something you can do with Liquibase currently. You could submit a feature request on the GitHub page, this is a good idea: Issues · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub

Many thanks Steven for your reply.
I will do a feature request.


The feature request is here : diff option with condense of "Change Stored Procedure(s)" · Issue #2693 · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub

Hello, I have tried to use this command to just display diff for procedures but getting this error:
Unexpected error running Liquibase: Unknown snapshot type(s) procedures

below is the command being run: liquibase --diffTypes=procedures diff

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Hey @Jeff_Hubert Are you using Liquibase Pro? Procedures dif is only supported in Liquibase Pro. diff | Liquibase Docs

If you need a free pro trial you can grab one here: Free Trial |