Liquibase Hibenate Problems - Dropping and Recreating Indexes


Liquibase: 3.5.3

Hibernate Plugin: Mysql: 5.7.x

When I do a diffChangeLog, it creates changeSets which drops and recreates indexes.

I am running liquibase from command line and hibernate plugin is a dependency copied into lib folder of liquibase.

    <dropIndex indexName="ALRTLookup" tableName="Alert"/></div>

    <createIndex indexName="ALRTLookup" tableName="Alert"></div>

        <column name="enterpriseId"/></div>

        <column name="timeCreated"/></div>

        <column name="alertType"/></div>



And it does it for 42 tables. Now I tried to find a pattern why it is doing for 42 and not all 69 tables where indexes are present and I could not.

The definition of ALRTLookup is as following


@Table(name = "Alert",

indexes = {

@Index(name="ALRTLookup", columnList="enterpriseId, timeCreated, alertType")


Definitions for the columns

private String enterpriseId;

private long timeCreated;

public enum AlertType {






private AlertType alertType;

What could cause this?