Liquibase log-level

We’re currently using 3.10.2, with logLevel=info. At this log level the sql statement is echoed in the Liquibase output, which is very convenient.

I’m now testing 4.9.1, and I noticed with log-level=INFO the sql statement is no longer echoed in the Liquibase output. It now takes log-level=FINE to get the sql statement to echo. The only issue is that FINE is what used to be DEBUG, so it generates a much, much bigger output.

Is there a way to get the sql statement to echo in the Liquibase output without using FINE?


There is a sql-log-level flag you can use which controls the level the SQL gets logged at. It defaults to FINE but can be set to INFO or whatever other level you’d like.


Thanks @nvoxland. We discovered that failed SQL does echo in the log at FINE, so that will work for us.