Liquibase logfile leaves commandline empty

The only way to do this is to use something like the slf4j plugin and set up a logging configuration that allows for log statements to go to multiple locations (console AND file).

Details on getting it to work:

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

parameter then it prints them in a file without printing it in the command-line. Is there any way to let liquibase print it in the command-line AND in a logfile? I am using liquibase 3.5.5. and this is what I give liquibase as parameters:

liquibase --url=offline:oracle? --changeLogFile="C:\Users\Ferid\Documents\Box Sync\PRIVATE_Ferid\liquibase-3.5.5-bin\cl.xml"
–outputFile=“SQLoutput.sql” --logLevel="info"
–logFile=“log” updateSql

Thank you, Steve :slight_smile: