Liquibase Modus Operandi help


I want to start using Liquibase (possible with LiveRebel later).

And can’t figure out how it can be used.

Developers are developing with hibernate and hsqldb. Hbm2ddl is used to generate their database and a magic trick later add data. 

There is a demo environment which is updated by hand (with a bunch of sql commands)

Later on, DBAs are comparing the old and the new schemas on their integration environement to generate a final migration schema for the next release. The developers then add the scripts for migrating the data.

These later scripts are run in production.

My first idea was that liquibase could replace hbm2ddl in my application to create the database automatically in hsqldb. But this feature doesn’t seem to exist.

Then, how can I generate the changesets? Do the developers need to remember to run some diff over the demo database? Then fixing it with indexes and data and put it in check-in?

Finally, without LiveRebel, how can Liquibase now which changeset to apply to a given DB?

Also, since the changeset will change a bit between Oracle and Hsqldb, how can I generate the preconditions automatically?

Some questions might be silly but I just can’t see the big picture right now.