Liquibase on Jenkins not working


I am trying to use Liquibase Runner plugin on Jenkins. I am following New Liquibase Runner Jenkins Plugin | link to set it up.

I set Manage Jenkins → Tools → Liquibase Installation Path to the path where Liquibase is running from i.e. C:\Biraja\Liquibase\liquibase-4.23.2.
I created a new job in Jenkins → Liquibase Update Database → Changelog File (set to C:\Biraja\Liquibase\changelogs\change_master.xml).

But when I run the job I am getting error as:

Building in workspace C:\Biraja\Jenkins\JenkinsHome\workspace\LiquibaseScript

Running Liquibase: Update Database…
Liquibase home: C:\Biraja\Liquibase\liquibase-4.23.2
FATAL: Liquibase installation C:\Biraja\Liquibase\liquibase-4.23.2 is not a valid Liquibase install
Build step ‘Liquibase: Update Database’ changed build result to NOT_BUILT
Finished: NOT_BUILT

I see in the link :
Pro tip: Use the ${WORKSPACE} variable to provide Liquibase a full path to the Liquibase changelog.

But my concern is my changeset xml file is not in the Jenkins Workspace, but in C:\Biraja\Liquibase\changelogs\change_master.xml

Can someone please help me to fix this so that Liquibase can be identified by Jenkins and the changeset can be executed.

Thank You.