Liquibase Postgres lint check or dry run

I am new to Liquibase and planning to use it in Github actions for Postgres migrations. Is there a way to lint-check with Liquibase before running/applying it?
I am looking for below pipeline steps:

  • Pull & Checkout to branch
  • Lint check
  • if lint passed: run liquibase scripts

For 2nd step, can liquibase has any commands out of the box?

CI/CD : GitHub actions
DB: Postgres

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi there @forece85 - Welcome to the community!

Since you’re just getting started, I’d recommend doing a couple of the Liquibase University training courses. They take a few hours each, but they will give you the foundational knowledge to be able to set up your migrations. We’re actually running a special where you can take the Associate certification exam for free if you sign up for it before the end of the year. Have a look at for more info. The courses are all free all the time.

Liquibase Technical Community Manager