Liquibase sqlcl - Error -

I’m getting this error when running liquibase sqlcl. Any clue on what this means?
INFO [liquibase.changelog] Reading from XYZ.DATABASECHANGELOG
[2023-10-26 21:58:56] SEVERE [oracle.dbtools.raptor.newscriptrunner.ScriptExecutor run] oracle.dbtools.plusplus.connections.db.DatabaseConnectionStore.lookupConnection(
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “String.startsWith(String)” because “name” is null
at oracle.dbtools.plusplus.connections.db.DatabaseConnectionStore.lookupConnection(
at oracle.dbtools.plusplus.connections.db.NamedConnectionResolver.lookupNamedConnection(

Hi @joesiga - Oracle sqlcl is an Oracle product that leverages the open-source version of Liquibase to provide database change management capabilities for Oracle databases. Since they built this product independently, I don’t have much insight.

From the stack trace, it appears that their software generates a null pointer exception in the database connection part of the code. I suggest checking with Oracle support to see if they are aware of the issue and have a fix.