Liquibase udeploy integration fails when loglevel=info

Hi , Am working for udeploy and i have created a plugin to call the liquibase commands from udeploy. So far, it was working fine till i add the loglevel==info to invoke the Liquibase command.After adding loglevel==info, Liquibase command hangs for more hours and havent got any output.

What is happening from Liquibase when the loglevel is introduced.

My code is like this.


${javaHome}${fileSep}bin${fileSep}java -cp ${liquidClasspath}










println “debug----”

println commandLine 

println “debug----”


   commandLine=commandLine+" "+parameter


def proc=commandLine.execute()


Am stuck on this and unable to take it forward.Please help in this regard.

I am using Liquibase 3.1.1 version

You might take a look at the DaticalDB4UrbanCode plugin that was written for Datical DB, which is an extension to Liquibase. The source is on Github:

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.