Liquibase.update does not reflect any changes HSQLDB

Dear developers of liquibase

I am tring to use liquibase on a HSQLDB.

After many trials (on 2.0.4 and 2.0.5) I noticed that:

  1- Tables DATABASECHANGELOG and PUBLIC.DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK are only created if method liquibase.checkDatabaseChangeLogTable(false, null, null) is called.

  2- Method liquibase.update(…) is not giving any exception, is outputting the expected SQL statements.

      In my case, there is a statement for creating a new table and a statement for inserting a record in the DATABASECHANGELOG table.

After using the liquibase sources and debugging the liquibase.update method I changes the method as follows (commented two lines):

    public void update(String contexts, Writer output) throws LiquibaseException {

        contexts = StringUtils.trimToNull(contexts);

        changeLogParameters.setContexts(StringUtils.splitAndTrim(contexts, “,”));

        Executor oldTemplate = ExecutorService.getInstance().getExecutor(database);

        //LoggingExecutor loggingExecutor = new LoggingExecutor(ExecutorService.getInstance().getExecutor(database), output, database);

        //ExecutorService.getInstance().setExecutor(database, loggingExecutor);

        outputHeader(“Update Database Script”);


Using this code, liquibase.update() does make the appropriate changes in the database as it uses the JdbcExecutor and not the LoggingExecutor.

Is this a failure in the code? Am I doing something wrong?