Liquibase 'updateSql' Successful

I’m trying to create sql scripts as a part of automated build.

The only thing that bothers me is that whenever I do something like:

liquibase.bat … updateSql > output.sql

the following line is added at the end of the output.sql file:

Liquibase ‘updateSql’ Successful

So it seems it’s also printed on stdout instead of stderr, like other informational messages.

Or is there something I’m missing?


You are correct.   There are quite a few places in the code (44 matches for ‘System.out.print’ in 11 java files) on the version that I have loaded on my machine.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bug but Nathan can weigh in if he disagrees.

I don’t say it’s a bug, just that for me it looks like other informational messages printed throughout the process (e.g. 

INFO 18.01.12 14:50:liquibase: Reading from [dbo].[DATABASECHANGELOG]
INFO 18.01.12 14:50:liquibase: Successfully released change log lock)

Maybe it would be handy to include another flag, saying something like verbose=off, where it wouldn’t print such messages.

Anyway, for now I just filtered out the troublesome line:

liquibase.bat … updateSql  | find /V “Liquibase ‘updateSql’ Successful” > output.sql