Liquibase upgrade 3.4.2 to 4.21

we upgraded liquibase from 3.4.2 to 4.21. After upgrade the liquibase version shows like 4.21(linux cmd prompt) but not update in dbchange log.
we did deployments also but its shows old version.

Could you pls help on this case.

Hi @Premkumar,

If you run liquibase --version on the command line, does it show 4.21? Could you share the output from that command?

If it shows 4.21, then everything else should work correctly. If you are getting different results, could you please share the command you are running and the output?


yes its show 4.21

  • lib/snakeyaml-1.13.jar: SnakeYAML 1.13.0

Liquibase Version: 4.21.1
Liquibase Open Source 4.21.1 by Liquibase

After liquibase upgrade , we verified the databasechangelog table its shows version 3.4.2 only. could you pls help on this case how to change 4.21.

In my experience, Liquibase will not update the version in the databasechangelog table unless the changeset is reexecuted.

After re executed the changeset also same only(old version).