Liquibase validate

Hi Team,

I am new to liquibase and would like to check on the following,

  • Does liquibase validate command checks for any missing lines in changelog file. Considering a scenario where developer has written 100 insert queries in SQL format and only 99 rollback queries(failed to write one/human prone error)in one change set. By using liquibase validate ,will it be able to detect this and fail the build.
  • Is there any way we can tag the SQL format changelog file. I have master change log file in XML referencing to multiple change log files written in SQL format. Curious to know whether is it possible to inherit/pass the tag from master changefile XML to child files.
  • Since I was not able to find tag for SQL format, I was checking on the labels option. Can we perform rollback using the labels.

I am using liquibase version 4.23