Liquibase 'valueSequenceNext' not working with Snowflake

We are running into an issue with the Liquibase when trying to use the ‘update’ (update) change type. We need to update an existing database column to get the values from a sequence and the attribute ‘valueSequenceNext’ seems to be an appropriate choice to accomplish this

  • changeSet:
    id: 1
    - update:
    tableName: table_name
    - column:
    name: column_name
    valueSequenceNext: SEQUENCE_NAME

The above causes the exception below.

it seems like liquibase is looking for the string ‘sequenceNextValueFunction’ definition but it is missing for Snowflake.

public class SnowflakeDatabase extends AbstractJdbcDatabase {
    public static final String PRODUCT_NAME = "Snowflake";
    private Set<String> systemTables = new HashSet();
    private Set<String> systemViews = new HashSet();

    public SnowflakeDatabase() {
        super.unmodifiableDataTypes.addAll(Arrays.asList("integer", "bool", "boolean", "int4", "int8", "float4", "float8", "numeric", "bigserial", "serial", "bytea", "timestamptz"));
        super.unquotedObjectsAreUppercased = true;
        super.defaultAutoIncrementStartWith = BigInteger.ONE;
        super.defaultAutoIncrementBy = BigInteger.ONE;

But other database has it

    public H2Database() {
        super.unquotedObjectsAreUppercased = true;
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("CURRENT_DATE"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("CURDATE"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("SYSDATE"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("TODAY"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("CURRENT_TIME"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("CURTIME"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"));
        this.dateFunctions.add(new DatabaseFunction("NOW"));
        super.sequenceNextValueFunction = "NEXTVAL('%s')";  <----


Any workaround or suggestions to resolve this issue ?