Liquibase version upgrade changes datatypes and breaks backward compatibility

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my liquibase version from 3.3.5 to 3.5.5 and ran into some compatibility problems as some liquibase default datatypes are now resolved to other dbms specific datatypes. I need to maintain compatibility with different flavours of mssql, mysql, oracle and postgres and have 3 years worth of xml change sets that cannot be modified as this would break the backwards compatibility of my application with previous application releases.

On postgres, for example, liquibase now  resolves blob to oid and before it was resolved to bytea. I will most likely discover other liquibase standard datatype mappings that have changed.

As a workaround for this problem I tried altering the columns types that have changed, through liquibase change sets, back to bytea on prostges and got casting errors as postgres cannot cast oid to bytea.

Is there any way in which I can configure liquibase to use the data type mappings from 3.3.5 instead of 3.5.5?

If not is there any workaround I can use in order to maintain the backward compatibility my change sets?