Liquibase with pgbouncer

i am testing liquibase. When i connect to pgsql, there is no pb.
When i tell liquibase to connect to pgbouncer, then it fails with
Unexpected error running Liquibase: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Connection could not be created to jdbc:postgresql://pgbouncer-mydb:5432/mydb-in-pgb with driver org.postgresql.Driver. Possibly the wrong driver for the given database URL
Is there an other jdbc ?

Hi @pmpetit!

Sorry you are having issues connecting to your db. Could you share:

  • Command line you are using, ex. liquibase -u sa … update
  • your liquibase changelog (pls take out any sensitive info)
  • your file (please take out the user name and password).

This should give us a better idea of what’s going on.