LiquidBase requires write access to Java current working directory

When running LiquidBase inside Debian Linux Tomcat, there is trouble because it cannot write its “.lbdsl” directory in the current working directory set by startup script to /usr/share/tomcat6 which is not writable for tomcat user.

Is there a way to set the path to “.lbdsl” thanks to a system property or another option ?

I guess that directory is typically a temporary one so it would be a good idea to use File.createTempFile.

Thank you in advance for your help


Of course, here it is from IceScrum project

Is there a stacktrace of what is trying to write. I’m not sure what would be trying to.


Actually, that is coming from code specific to a Groovy-based DSL wrapper around liquibase that is completely separate from the main liquibase project. I haven’t looked at how it works enough to help, sorry.