Listing sql files(with path) instead of just displaying list of changesets

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My requirement is that on liquibase status command, I get response like below:


In my changelog, i have included more than 1 SQl file like below:

<changeSet author="dev1" id="1.0.0_1">
	<sqlFile path="../mssql/sql//test1.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="true" encoding="UTF-8"/>
        <sqlFile path="../mssql/rollbacksql/test1.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="true" encoding="UTF-8"/>

My requirement is that, instead of displaying changelogfile:changesetID:authorname, I want to list out the SQL files to be deployed.

May I know if there is a way to print the SQLFile names, pls?


Liquibase tracks execution by changeset, so in this case you are executing:


Since your changeset is part of Changelog.xml.

To achieve what you are looking for, you need to make test1.sql a “liquibase formatted sql” file and put the changesets inside of test1.sql, then “include” test1.sql in Changelog.xml, instead of adding a changeset and using “sqlFile”.