logicalFilePath preventing execution of scripts in old location

Hi all,
I have dockerized liquibase sql script files that I moved to new location.

I have used the logicalFilePath in sql scripts like this and it works for deployments where scripts are already in the databaseChangeLog:

----liquibase formatted sql logicalFilePath:liquibase/BASE/create_schema.sql changeset Author:BASE

So they don’t get executed twice which is great.

However, if the new container is created, scripts don’t get executed/added to the databaseChangeLog.

I would like the scripts to get executed once in both the new containers (we create them during testing phase) and for containers where scripts have already run/have been added to the databaseChangeLog (old deployments).

While I understand it might be that logicalFilePath will just work for the already run scripts, I would think there should be a workaround covering both new and old deployments.

I have tried searching here, chatGpt and googling, but found no info.

Thanks in advance.