Manual documentation seems lacking

I am looking for more documentation on the uses of the changeset elements and attributes. I have scoured the site but I can’t find any detailed documentation.

  • For example, what is the difference between the defaultValue attribute and defaultValueBoolean attributes of column?  Which one am I supposed to use to define a default value for a column?
  • How do you define a multi-column uniqueness constraint?
  • What are the valid options for the type attribute of the element?
  • Where should the file reside and what values should it contain?  I feel this is important information that is not even mentioned in the manual. Or it is just not evident where to look for it on the liquibase site.

Thank you.

Hi; I can’t speak to the manual but I can answer your questions.

  • Data conversion. 

    To help make scripts database-independent, the following “generic” data types

    will be converted to the correct database implementation:

    • UUID
    • CLOB
    • BLOB
    • DATE
    • TIME
    • BIGINT 
    Also, specifying a

Hope that helps!