Maven Liquibase 2.0 plugin


I’ve been using liquibase-2.0 RC1 now and it is working great. I would like to use this functionality in maven.
Version 2.0 is needed because I have some BIGINT columns of which 1.9 can not deal with.

Where can I download the maven-liquibase-plugin for version 2.0?


Ironically, since I switched to using maven to build the 2.0 branch, rather than ant, I have yet to figure out the best way to publish snapshot builds to the repository. 

My plan was to fix up the outstanding bugs in 2.0 to create a RC2 build, and figure out how to publish a snapshot to maven at that point.

For now, you can check out the code from and build it using maven if you’d like.


What’s the status of liquibase maven plugin 2.0. We really need it.

The lastest 2.0 RC is available.  The dependency tag looks like this now:

        org.liquibase     liquibase-core     2.0-rc7


I am thinking about the maven plugin.

So the plugin dependency like this

    org.liquibase     liquibase-plugin

is not of interest anymore? This is the latest I found for liquibase-plugin artifact.

Best regards /Lasse

Sorry.  That is now:

        org.liquibase     liquibase-maven-plugin     2.0-rc8


    Could somebody update the main maven plugin documentation? I was working from, and got greatly confused as to why the liquibase-plugin artifact hadn’t been updated in so long and why there was no 2.0 version of it. In fact the plugin name is “liquibase-maven-plugin” for the 2.0 version, this should be made clear from the main documentation.



    Have a look at is great for locating maven artifacts.