Maven Plugin Hangs when using SSH Tunnel

Hi all,

When using the the LiquiBase Maven plugin to connect to a MySQL instance via an SSH tunnel, it just appears to hang. The SSH tunnel is getting connected fine (I can see this in the logs) and I can confirm that the MySQL credentials are valid (if I put in a rubbish username I see an error, so I know it’s getting as far as connecting to MySQL). After this, nothing happens. Nothing times out, no database queries are executed, it just sits there.

I’m trying to use this as part of a Jenkins build, so database changes are applied to our shared development environment automatically when the software is built. LiquiBase has worked between developers’ local environments, so it’d be great if I can get it to work on our remote environments too.

Ha, always the way! I figured this out immediately after posting the question.

I’d missed out


and so I can only assume it was hanging waiting for user input.