Migration failing due to permission denied for relation I am not even using

Hi All,
I am very new with Liquibase and I am using Liquibase plug in for Grails and when I try to execute the migration on an existing Postgresql database I am getting the following exception:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: permission denied for relation lock_details

I am adding new tables, constraints, foreign keys, etc., but I am not changing with existing tables and for what I am seeing in the Postgres log files, it seems that Liquibase goes through all the tables doing selects like this:

SELECT id FROM public.comments WHERE 1 = 0

but when it gets to lock_details, it breaks because this is a view that belongs to the postgres user, which is not the one I am using, and my user does not have access to this view.

My biggest question here is why Liquibase needs to do this and how can I prevent it from crashing when doing this kind of selects on table/views that my user doesn’t have access to?

Any help is very much appreciated!!


This was te same question trained in email, right?