Missing Indentation on data load

I have a requirement to load groovy expressions to oracle database using liquibase. I am able to do this with loadData tag as given below. But I have a issue with groovy script indentation. After data load the groovy script indentation was missing and It causes a RunTime Exception. Please let me know how to maintain indentation while data load.

evaluate Matched using { // Map Group def result = lookup "PRO_CODE", using $TABLE if (result) { // Use ASC Code to lookup appropriate rate, if not found line will not be priced def rate = lookup "CODE", result.CODE using $TABLE if (rate) { Amount = rate.RATE } } // If Procedure Code cannot be mapped, use default pricing else { Amount = Charges * $PERCENT } }

As far as I know, groovy is not white space sensitive. What kind of white space is used for the indentation? If you are using tabs, it might work better with spaces.      

What is the nature of the exception?

Fixing this might require looking into the CSV loading code, which is not ‘native’ to liquibase, but is instead third party code. If I remember correctly, the library used is OpenCSV.

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