MS SQL Server 2008 unique constraint not being created

We’ve been using Liquibase 1.9.4 for quite awhile with H2, MySQL, and some oracle.  We are wanting to add support for our product for MS SQL Server 2008. 

In attempting this port, I’ve noticed that the unique constraints specified in our tables are not being created.  In the below example, the primary key is created just fine, but the unique constraint UQ_app_user__username doesn’t get created.  In fact none of the tables that specify unique constraint in this way have the constraints created in the MS SQL Server database.  I have not yet tried to have the constraint created via the addUniqueConstraint element.

  2.             <column autoIncrement="true" name="id"
  3.                 type="numeric(19,0)">
  4.                 <constraints nullable="false" primaryKey="true" 
  5.                 primaryKeyName="PK_app_user"/>
  8.                 <constraints nullable="false" unique="true"
  9.                 uniqueConstraintName="UQ_app_user__username"/>
  11. ...

Does nayone have any ideas?



Okay.  I figured out my problem.  It had nothing to do with Liquibase.  A change set had later dropped the unique constraints but had not re-added them.