Multi database and multi environment by liquibase-maven-plugin

Greetings. I have a problem with filtering changelogs by environment.
My case: microservices with own db. One micrioservice for migration. In that one i would like to have flexible option to change db in such scenarios:
1)change for one mc for one environment(dev, for example). Maybe not necessary.
2)change for all mc in one environment.
Project structure(pict 1)
Maven plugin(pict 2)
Maven profile structure(pict 3)

So, with such structure i solved problem with multi db, but still have problem with filter by context.
For example, when i used command “mvn clean compile” with active local profle maven plugin still executes changelogs from “profile-controller-dev.xml”, but excpected result - just “profile-controller-local.xml”