MultiTenantSpringLiquibase integration class usage example

Hi Community,

I am working on multi tenant application in Java & Spring. I enabled to enable Spring support for multi tenant data sources, and now I would like to invoke Liquibase to do migrations on all the data sources (for now I would like to apply same changesets to the all data sources). I found a class MultiTenantSpringLiquibase. My implementation is able to do migrations only on default data source, not on the all of them.

Could you please either share a working example how properly use that class or explain how to use it in the right way?

Thank you in advance

Hello @jarekkar

Please have a look at the answers on this SO post. This might help you in some ways.

Rakhi Agrawal

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@rakhi Thanks for answering and sharing the related documents. It has helped me very much.

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